You Can Make Stunning Driftwood Sculptures Too! Watch This Now!

Driftwood sculptures capture our imaginations and a load of respect to their creators! You look at these art pieces, and you just cannot help but wonder how are they created? Is there a method to this or do these artists just get a vision and run with it?

Let us find out how to turn driftwood into sculptures. One of the tutorials we researched suggested you have some knowledge of working with power tools for any cuts that are necessary and to wear safety glasses. They suggest you have a concept of what shape you want to build. Each piece of driftwood you collect is unique, and your project will be a one of a kind. They suggest a paper and pencil to record ideas, decisions and tools you will need. Once you have the concept, you will need to be adaptable to the shapes of the driftwood you find.

When you are collecting your pieces of driftwood, imagine them in the sculpture. Will it be a part of the leg or mane? What sense of shape do you get from the piece?

A huge part of this type of art is imagination and the ability to mentally visualize the finished piece. As each piece of driftwood you find is special, before you make any cuts in it, be sure it is the perfect choice.

Steps you will need to consider as well include drilling, and where to glue. Is your vision feasible? Will the structure be sound and able to support the vision? They suggest making a pattern from paper and trace it onto the piece of driftwood. Then you can start cutting.

Some driftwood is harder to work with than others; it depends on how soft the wood is. Some pieces will be connected by the use of wooden dowels. Be careful not to choose driftwood that is too soft as it may not have the integrity to support the project. Sanding may be a part of the project as well, this will depend on how smooth you want the wood to look. One of the most important parts of the projects is the base. It must be able to support the art piece.

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