What Kind Of Clash Of Clans Character Are You? Take the Quiz!

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What Kind Of Clash Of Clans Character Are You? Take the quiz to find out.

Why is this powerhouse app so popular? Back in 2012 this app was released by Apple. It quickly took the number one position claiming fame being the highest grossing app. This app is earning upwards of $5million a day.

This addictive app is free to start. Like any serious gamer though, time becomes the expense. It is not unusual for the serious 'Clash of the Clan' users to spend hours at it each day. The addictive part seems to include the raids.

The 'three-minute' raids, include 30 second to look at the enemy base, and then, you have to to get in there and destroy all you can in the given three minutes'.

Winning a battle earns you one trophy. You advance in rankings, loosing means giving up a portion of your trophies. Experienced players can rack trophies up.

Although the app is free, those that get involved in a serious way can be tempted to pay real-world money for the virtual in-game currencies and gems. Buy things that would take time to advance them in the game.

There is a policy for game holders that they cannot sell their gaming accounts, but if they could, there would be the potential of selling a well-developed game for thousands of dollars.

Apps are a way of life these days. There are those that say the gaming addiction is a waste of time and eating up people's days and lives when they should be interacting in the real world.

Fact of the matter is, apps and gaming are here to stay. Not only are they going to stick around, you will see more and more coming online as budding gaming developers get on board coming up with new and exciting ideas.

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