Towering Rocks of Ennedi Desert in Chad, Africa

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If you are crazy about rock climbing, these beautiful and ancient towering rocks of the Ennedi Desert in Chad, Africa are your dream vacation destination. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to one of the most remote areas on the planet, a part of the Sahara desert that can only be reached by four wheel drive vehicles, and to climb some of the rarest and most spectacular cliffs and arches in the world? Not only that, the Ennedi region also has ancient cave paintings and carvings from thousands of years ago that add a cultural and historical significance to the area as well.

Despite being one of the top spots for rock climbers and anthropology enthusiasts, this area in the Northern part of Chad is dangerous and remote to get to. There are no paved roads, the roads aren't safe to drive on, and very few tourist accommodations can be found here. Yet a group of climbers in 2010 managed to do a high-profile climb of the famous arches and other sandstone cliff faces, as this gem remains one of the best undiscovered rock climbers' paradise that exists today.

I spent a summer in Kenya a few years ago doing a micro finance internship and helping the villagers in the community to become self-sustainable, so I have personal experience of what its like living in Africa. I noticed that despite the poverty and difficulty people there faced, the African people there were still very nice and resilient, which made the internship one of my favourite experiences abroad. I would love to go back to Africa, only this time visit Chad and some of the other poorer nations and volunteer to help people while I try some of these amazing rock climbing routes. I think often they are misunderstood and people are afraid to visit Africa, but once you are there you feel welcomed and at ease with a friendly people with fascinating ancient history, after all they say all people originally came from Africa tens of thousands of years ago. More rock climbers should get the courage to do an African rock climbing tour and bring much needed tourism and attention to the impoverished region.

Now it is time for you to see these amazing towering rock cliffs for yourself and see why it is among the top ten rock climbing sites in the world! Please click the link below now to the Amusing Planet website for the full article, amazing picturesque photos and more.

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