Top 10 Unusual Things to Make With Clothes Pegs

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Who knew clothes pegs/pins could be used as a light fixture, or even a decorative mirror. For those who do not know what these little wonders are, they are the fasteners, usually wood, that you use to hang your clothes on the clothesline without having to worry about the wind blowing it away or the clothes falling down and getting dirty again. So, aside from its obvious and basic use, there are many uses for clothes pegs especially the ones that snap or get broken.

1. Clothes peg airlines = A fun DIY project for you and little boys.

2. Clothes peg lampshade = This is surely something that'll leave your guest intrigued and amazed once they get a look at it.

3. Cardboard and clothes peg animals = Another DIY project. Using the pegs as heads and legs for the animals, you have a whole animal kingdom to create and explore.

4. Clothes pin pocket pistol = Warning! Not for children. But this is something interesting to make if ever the juvenile daredevil in you gets bored.

5. Clothes peg mirror = All you need is some ribbon, an old mirror and a couple dozen of pegs. This decorative but functional piece will look lovely in your living room.

6. Kissing clothes peg couples = Yet another DIY activity. This is actually a good idea for wedding souvenirs. For crafty and artsy couples, this is both fun and economical.

7. DIY peg advent calendars = This doesn't necessarily have to be a festive calendar. You can make decorative themes for every month.

8. Clothes peg planters = Another decorative idea, this time for green-thumbs.

9. Message pegs = This idea can brighten anyone's day. A simple pin that reveals a hidden message when you pinch the pegs. So cute!

10. Break a world record = Now this one I wouldn't suggest. Aside from the fact that it kinda looks painful, it looks like nothing positive can come out of pinning tons of pegs on your face to attempt a world record. Maybe a less painful world record.

There you have it. 10 creative ways to utilize your clothes pins/pegs. Each number comes with instructions on the link provided. Visit The Top 10 of Anything and Everything website below for more information and to see pictures or videos.

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