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Being creative and artistic is an innate ability that one person possesses and might be enhance from time to time. Feeling bored is natural, but turning boredom to productive and fun activities is a lot fulfilling. You've got the right place! Top Inspired is a website to help you enhance your creativity as well as help you develop your skills in art.

You might me interested in creating a DIY fishtail braided anchor bracelet, DIY T-shirt scarves, Hand painted wine bottle vase, DIY string lantern, DIY fashion forward bracelets, how to glitter everything, DIY string bowl, DIY Stained Glass candle holders, DIY Poured Mason Jar candle, and home-made flubber recipe. These are only the few things that you might want to explore doing. Let me give you a hint on how to make your first hand painted wine bottle vase.

You'll probably need to jot down again and write this following materials that you'll need. These are the following:

- A bowl

- A paintbrush

- A big syringe

- Plastic tubes of different sizes

- Few transparent bottles and jars

- Watercolours or wall paint

First thing to do is gather all your transparent bottles or jars and prepare your syringe, bowl and paintbrush. Next, think of your favourite colours that you'd like to use and hand out the plastic tubes of different sizes. Now, prepare a bowl and mix the colours of your choice until you achieve the tones you desire. After preparing the colours, fill your syringe about 80-100ml to cover the entire interiors of your large bottle. Slowly pour it into the bottle and move the bottle every way around for an even result. Turn the bottles upside down in order to eliminate the excess paints, and let it dry until the paint absorbs the bottle surfaces. Once it is dry, you can now make your own design and paint it according to what stroke you master. Congratulations, you finally made it!

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