Tone Your Whole Body With a Wall

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Having a good fitness routine is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking for some new exercises, this great fitness tip shows you how you can tone your whole body with just a wall. So many times when we're looking to up our fitness game, we buy into the mentality that you have to purchase a membership to an exclusive club or gym and use a ton of different machines or equipment. Or, that you have to buy all of that equipment for your home personal gym. While doing all of that is great if you have the true desire to, it's not necessary for achieving your fitness goals. Creating your fitness routine is a great way to implement new and exciting activities to do instead of keeping things the same all the time. You can try all sorts of different activities that keep you in shape and allow you to have some fun while doing them. Enjoying the type of exercise you do is also a key factor in maintaining your healthy lifestyle. The exercise you choose should be able to become a part of your daily lifestyle and is hopefully something you look forward to doing each and every day.

Choose an activity that you find enjoyable. If you hate the gym and using equipment, then don't force yourself to buy a gym membership and expect to find motivation to go consistently. The activities you find enjoyable could range from walking to circuit training, swimming to running or anything in between. If you prefer a calmer approach to working out, perhaps some yoga and brisk walking would suit you just fine. Or, if you're a more high-intensity person, you may enjoy some kickboxing or weight training. It's completely up to you, so have some fun picking out an activity to do. If you want to stay at home and work out, there are plenty of exercise routines, just like this one, that you can do in the comfort of your own home, no equipment needed. Search for other workouts that don't require any equipment too, and add them to your circulation of routines. All you need for this whole body workout is a wall, so this is one of the workouts you can do at home or if you're traveling or on the go. Each of these moves targets multiple muscle groups giving you the best total body workout. The first move is a type of lunge that has you set one foot on the wall and the other on the floor, and you simply lunge downward and lift back up for a total of 20 times.

Some of the other moves in this fitness sequence have you propped up on your hands with your feet up on the wall, sometimes in a handstand like pose. There are 13 moves in total, and you do each of them about 20 times which wouldn't take more than 30 minutes to an hour or so. You can also choose your favorite wall moves from this set of exercises and implement them into your current workout regime if you don't want to do them all. Just always do what feels comfortable for you, and don't attempt anything that you think could be dangerous for you or hurt you in any way. These moves would be great to do before or after a walk or a run, and you would even be able to do them outside on an outside wall of a building. Enjoy these exercises and other fun activities to do from Self and stay dedicated to your health and wellbeing.***

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