This Is What Game Of Thrones Would Look Like If Disney Adapted It

The game of thrones is a drama series that has been a big hit in recent years, produced by the amazing HBO company it's just one of their many great TV shows. Now here's an article to show this is what game of thrones would look like if Disney adapted it. While Disney is a seemingly totally opposite type of show compared to the gruesome Game of Thrones, it's a funny spin on the show to get a peak into what it would look like if they did in fact adapt it at some point.

The Game of Thrones is full of blood, gore, fighting, seriousness, and devious plots that feature back stabbing and malicious story lines. Now Disney on the other hand is known for it's kid friendly style, with gentle monsters and cute creatures that make your heart melt. So what do you get when Disney adapts the Game of Thrones? A whole lot of loving and gentle action of course!

Miss Aniek is the artist responsible for these entertaining illustrations that you're about to see and she has done a great job at capturing that classic Disney look and working the Game of Thrones characters into these pieces of art. She took individual characters from the show and redrew them in a cartoon like demeanor, and she really did a good job at rendering it beautifully! So this is what game of thrones would look like if Disney adapted it. These were originally posted on the Deviant Art website but have now flourished across the internet with many fans loving the work. If you want to get in on the entertainment then I highly recommend clicking on the link below right now, so you can be redirected to the "Hit Fix" website and have a look for yourself.

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