This Heroic Cat Did Something Incredible When It Saw A Toddler In Danger

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I'm sure Julius Caesar would've hated cats. He disliked Cassius, because Cassius seemed too intelligent - too calculating. How could you trust someone like that? Of course, in Caesar's case, he was right to distrust Cassius, who would eventually instigate the plot against him. But, the truth is, sometimes it's advantageous to have a calculating person on your side. Somebody who's always watching. Somebody who knows what's going on.

There's a cat who demonstrates my point well. Anyone who is familiar with cats knows that they're quite intelligent, and seem to spend a lot of their time idly observing the world (maybe plotting? You don't know). What most people don't realize is how much information a cat can retain, and how handy that can be at just the right moment. In the link below, there's a video of a cat doing something pretty neat. A young couple is filming their toddler (because owning a cat wasn't enough responsibility) as he plays around with the dials on the oven. Even though the situation was perfectly safe - the oven was off, and the parents were right there - I'm not entirely sure what the logic is behind letting your child think the oven is a pretty fun toy. Oh well. I think the cat is on my side on this one, as he tries to distract the boy from the oven, and, when that doesn't work, actually grabs the boy's arms.

I think most people will watch this video and think, "what a great cat, protecting the young master of the house". That sounds more like a dog's outlook to me. I think what might be going through this cat's head is more along the lines of "No! Silly little one! The oven isn't for us pets to tamper with!"

Check out the video on the Viral Nova link below.

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