The Nostalgia Awakens

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Is it? No! It is! The very first light saber seen all those years ago in the Star Wars film is being placed into Leia's hands! No way! Beloved characters are rising again and the Star Wars story continues! With 2 of the films trailer's already released, Director, J.J. Abrams is giving Star Wars fans a taste for what is yet to come. Unearthing artifacts from the original films, we will be treated to the sights and sounds we remember so well. So far the trailers have yet to bring us any major surprises or twists, however there is something comfortable and soothing about the familiar. We all have characters we loved and those we hated. We have scenes we replay and maybe even acted out. It is on built on this nostalgia that Abrams reconnects us with the Star Wars we love.

When Lucasfilms sold to Disney in 2012, many were left wondering what would happen to Star Wars now? Would we see another film and would it be anything like the ones we watched and re watched and fell in love with. Disney producer Katheleen Kennedy has done well in asking J.J. Abrams to spearhead the making of this film. Director J.J Abrams has done a fantastic job in reconnecting us with what we once loved and making sure we still love it. "The Force Awakens" is the seventh episode in this beloved series of films. Don't get me wrong, there are twists and there are surprises, just none so shocking that we are left feeling like we are watching something completely unfamiliar and different. With just the right amount of twist and changes,the familiar and nostalgic, fans are sure to fall in love with "Star Wars" all over again. Like Harrison Ford's one line ("Chewie, we're home."), Star Wars fan will agree. Check out the exciting trailer on 'The Atlantic', or by following the link below.

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