The Best (All-Natural) Ways For Curing Ear-Aches!

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When the cold weather comes around, so do the nasty colds and infections. Often times along with a cold comes an earache, and if you have little ones at home who have experienced them, you know how difficult it can be. All you want to do is take away their pain and to help them feel better, well here's An Unbelievable Natural Ear Infection Remedy so that you can do exactly that. Of course hopefully they never get an earache in the first place, but of course sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and we just need a natural remedy that works when it does happen.

Earaches can be painful so getting rid of them and easing the pain are the first courses of action to take. Essentially there's usually a bacterial infection that causes swelling in the inner ear, and this added pressure is what produces the feelings of pain. So our first course of action is to reduce that inflammation so that the person with the infection can start feeling more comfortable as soon as possible. Through the years when we've gone to the doctor for earaches, our doctor has always advised us to wait it out and see if it goes away on its own (to avoid antibiotics). Typically that has alway worked, but you need some help along the way to reduce the pain, and hopefully heal it that much quicker.

An earache is an awful thing to experience. Although it is common in children, the adults who experience it, say it was the worst pain they have ever felt. Did you know that the majority of ear infections are caused by a virus which means they will not respond to antibiotics?

Usually when you go to a doctor they will prescribe antibiotics which can be quite effective but also come with a whole host of nasty side effects. Then you have to take probiotics and things to replenish your natural intestinal flora etc. which can be a bit more complicated than a simple home remedy you can whip up in your kitchen. So I'm sure you're curious to know what this unbelievable natural ear infection remedy is, but if you want to find out you'll have to checkout the article for yourself on the "Whole New Mom" website. There is plenty of great information on the site, so make sure you checkout all the great resources provided. In this article she provided about a dozen different natural remedies you can try for earaches, so there's bound to be a natural remedy that works for your family.

The following are just a few other natural remedies that might work. Taking some Vitamin C, this is always a great way to help boost the immune system, and we can always use a bit extra in the cold winter months. Helichrysum oil around the ear. This oil may be beneficial for helping to heal open woulds, it is an anti-bacterial, anti fungal and has anti-inflammatory properties. Try getting an organically grown one.

You might be surprised to see breastmilk on the natural remedy list. Breastmilk is has amazing natural healing properties. So if you are nursing you could try putting a couple of drops of this natural remedy in the ear at night, and be surprised. Check with your midwife or naturopath, but a couple of drops should not hurt. Basil oil is another natural remedy on the list. You can try putting two to three drops of basil essential oil on a cotton ball and use a little duct tape to keep the cotton ball from falling out. You can then usea band aid to keep the cotton ball in, but apparently that didn't work long. Apparently the basil oil natural remedy worked. Basil oil has antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiviral properties.

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