The 7 Benefits of Weight Lifting Every Woman Should Know

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What are the 7 fitness benefits of weight lifting every woman should know? This article gives you the list of all these benefits, in detail. There's an old myth that says women should stick to the cardio machines when they go to the gym, and men should stick to the weights. However, weight training can be particularly advantageous for women who want to be more fit. Not only can firm muscles, a flat belly, and contoured limbs give you strength and confidence, they can also improve your circulation, posture, and overall health.

Weightlifting can be beneficial to everyone, whether you are male or female yet, statistics still show that weight training is predominantly a male activity. Data from the National Health Interview Survey, taken between 1998 and 2004, reported that only twenty percent of American women partook in strength training. Aside from being judged as a man's sport, weightlifting can be viewed with disdain by women as there's often a misconception that weight training can make a woman appear more masculine. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Done sensibly, and in moderation, weightlifting can gently define muscles rather than causing them to bulge out. With proper diet, accompanied by a holistic approach to exercise, weight training can provide females with a well-rounded exercise regiment.

What are the fitness advantages of weight lifting for women?

1. Weightlifting can help you lose body fat by helping you to build more muscle. Muscle promotes a higher metabolism, allowing you to burn a greater number of calories throughout the day even after your weightlifting session.

2. Weight lifting helps define your muscles rather than bulking them up. Unlike men, whose naturally-high testosterone levels cause them to build large muscles quickly, it's physically much more difficult for women to put on too much muscle tone. Women's testosterone levels are typically up to thirty times less than those of men; therefore, weight training allows them to develop their muscle strength without putting on the bulk.

3. Training with weights can help women lessen their risk of developing osteoporosis. When you strengthen your muscles with weights, you automatically strengthen your bones as well.

4. Greater strength in the core muscles, as well as in the arms and legs, can help you avoid injury from day-to-day chores and exercise. Not only does weightlifting strengthen all of these areas of the body, it also strengthens joints and connective tissue, keeping your tendons and ligaments supple and in great shape.

5. Want to burn more calories? Weightlifting can help you do that for up to 24 hours after a workout session. When you exercise by lifting weights, doing cardio, or both, you are increasing your oxygen levels and automatically breaking down your body's fat stores.

6. Because targeted weight training can help you build strength in your shoulders, back, and core muscles, you will ultimately improve your posture as well as your back's overall strength. Stronger back muscles make for a healthy spine and protect you from lower back pain.

7. Did you know that weight lifting can improve your mood? Forget your morning coffee, reach for the dumbbells instead! Any kind of exercise will help you release endorphins those lovely neurotransmitters that give you that feel-good feeling as well as naturally block pain but weight training can be particularly helpful for alleviating a bad mood. Why? Because it not only releases endorphins, but it also helps you feel good about yourself.

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