Star Wars: Episode 7 - What We Know So Far

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I have always been fond of the action-packed comic book movies. I just wish they weren't such terrible flicks. Well not all are bad, I actually like X-Men series and am following it as it branches off into Wolverine's story line. Xmen - First Class was really good and I can't wait to see Days of Future Past, as the trailers make it seem amazing.

Another series I have always enjoyed is Iron Man. Not only did I collect the comics when I was young, I also enjoy Robert Downey Jr as an actor. I preferred Iron Man vs Batman or Spiderman. I have watched all the movies in the series and enjoyed them all. I didn't even mind the last movie when they hardly had Iron Man in the movie at all. You should check it out!

The Avengers movie, although it was cliche to me, was still entertaining in the end. I have come to expect a movie about comic books is not going to be some sort of cinematic masterpiece. But if I am entertained enough during the couple hours, and I don't get bored or sleepy, I feel like it was worth it to watch and I will continue to go and pay to see the new ones as they make millions in the box office.

So now I hear that the new Star Wars movie is coming out. I can't wait to see what it is about. I have always thought it should be a prequel that starts at the beginning at the birth of the first republic, and the beginning of the Sith order and the Jedi order. They would have gigantic battles and it would make an awesome story set some 25,000 years prior to our existing story.

Anyway if you are like me and can't wait to see the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens, then click the link below to the 'Cinema Blend' website to find out what we know about the new movie so far.

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