Richard Clarkson Thunderstorm Lamp

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Creating a unique idea in adding a magical touch to your room can be done with a lot of ways. We can look for an interior designer for us to decorate and design our room to fit what's right to it. But if you are the adventurous type of person that would want to try and learn things for the benefit of satisfaction of what you want for your house, then you might wanna try making one that's different and one that'll amaze your guests. Imagination, creativity & design including the technical skill would be needed for a very good interior design. Think about something that is too impossible for us to reach. We seem predisposed to find meaning in things, especially those things that we can't quite grasp or wholly experience. Clouds are one concept that hits the spot. How about having a cloud right in your own room!

This wonderful interactive audiovisual fixture by Richard Clarkson's brings a new look to add not just for display but also for entertainment. It is designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and sound with a built-in sensor that can even interact with people and sounds around it. Built with a battery of electrical wires, the lamp gives you your very own cumulonimbus cloud. The poofy outer layer definitely completes the illusion that we're looking at a cloud. Not only does it approximate the gust-like shape that hovers in stormy skies, but it also produces a phantasmagoric play of lightscall it lightning design. Talk about changing the atmosphere at home..literally.

The outer layer is made out of pillow innards, the one that you have at home. Clarkson had to feel into a thousand of pillow innards before he could find the right material to make the perfect look and feel of a thunderstorm, so you better pick out those that would look good for a thunderstorm cloud. If you are having a difficulty in making one, you can buy this product for $3,360 provided by manufacturers and if you buy those non-interactive thunderstorm lamps might cost you less of the market price.

Once you perfected this thunderstorm lamp, you can easily create a lot of it and add them anywhere around the house. They can be also good for bars and restaurant decorations or even your very own office. Just a bit of planning and imagination would amaze your guests with these unique thunderstorm lamps.

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