Remake Broken Crayons Into New Ones

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As a kid, one of the most annoying things that can happen when you are coloring is having a crayon snap or break while you are busy making that page come alive! Oh that new box of crayons. How we love them. Perfect with their little bright points sticking up inviting us. As parents, it is so annoying when every color but the white one gets broken. Yes they will still use their broken crayons, not saying parents run out when the crayon breaks, but no matter at some point you end up with a box or drawer full of broken or too-tiny-to-use crayons. What to do? Simple, remake the crayons. This way you can save money by not having to purchase new crayons and its also a fun Do-It-Yourself activity for you and your kids. And likely if the kids are part of the re-making process they will be more excited to try out their new hand made crayons.

The process is prett simple. All you have to do is separate the broken crayons into mini muffin tins, make sure to remove the paper labels and not to mix different colors together. You will be sacrificing a mini-muffin tin as the wax is pretty difficult to clean out, so either use an old one that you dedicate to this re-cycle idea or you could line the tin with the heavy duty foil liners.You can also use silicone molds in different shapes for your recycled crayons. For toddlers, its actually better to leave them shaped as mini muffins so that it won't easily break. Younger kids still don't have agile fingers to properly grip the thin crayon, so a stubby shape will be easier for them to hold.This DIY activity can be a way for you and your kids to share some bonding time. You can play games while doing it as well. For example, trying to guess what color comes out when you mix two different colors together. This is also an opportune moment to teach them the value of frugality and recycling. Telling them that aside from being fun, what you're doing is a way to be thrifty since you won't have to keep buying new crayons. So as you can see, this activity is both fun and valuable. Check the Imgur site below for photos and instructions.

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