Paint The Inside of Clear Bottles to Create Beautiful Vases

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A lot of people all over the world are fond of buying consumables that are packed or filled in bottle containers. The can be grocery items, beverages, and many others. Now the big question is, what do you usually do to the bottles after consuming what is inside? For sure, a lot of you had just thrown these bottles away. Do you know that these bottles can still be used and recycled? Yes, you can actually make these bottles as beautiful and stylish flower vases that you can decorate in any parts of the house. How can you do it then?

First and foremost, select those transparent bottles that you are about to throw out. Clean them well by washing with water and soap. Once the bottles are cleaned, let them dry out. You can put them out in the sun or just let them stay in one corner and wait until they become dry. Next thing to do is get some paint. Make sure that the paint is a glass paint. Choose the color according to your personal preference, or according to the dominant color that is displayed in the room where you want to decorate with the vases. Pour the paint inside the bottles and make sure that they spread evenly. Once the bottles are fully covered with the paint, leave them until the paint is dry. Next, get some ribbons and decorate. You can lace the ribbons on the body of the bottles or simply paste it with adhesive tape. In this way, your bottle vases will look more elegant and beautiful to the eyes. Thereafter, you can put the flowers and place into your room.

Use your creativity in making these bottle vases. If you really passionate of doing it, you can try selling them and earn some money.

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