Learn How to Curse in the Star Wars Universe

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You probably wouldn't like someone to call you a scruffy looking nerf herder (like Leia did when she turned down Han in The Empire Strikes Back) but do you even know what that expression mean? You might wonder what each slang term used to express insults in Star Wars really means. While the Star Wars movies may seem like the innocent, hallowed ground of our childhood, there remain quite a few nods to a more grownup universe in the saga.

Star Wars always had some very dark, adult themes. Darth Vader was literally trying to kill his own son while defending the Death Star in A New Hope and trying to kidnap him to give to the emperor as a present in the Empire Strikes Back, even after he learned that he was indeed his son.

Part of that gritty realism that we love in Star Wars is curse words, which are used in a silly yet informative fashion throughout the series. Much of the vocabulary in Star Wars is unique and lends us more insights into the Star Wars universe. Cursing in Star Wars is a way to add a bit more of reality to the saga as well as draw our interest towards unknown elements of the universe. These insults first of all make the Star Wars universe more realistic, because every character has two sides to them, and none of them are one-dimensionally good or bad people. They are complicated characters whose failures and triumphs are what make the saga so irresistible to begin with.

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