The Girl Who Could Climb Before She Could Walk

Guys, what did you learn first before you could walk when you were still a baby? “Learn to say 'Mom' and 'Dad'.” “Well, I first learned the 'close-open' thing.” “I don't know. Crawl?” Alright, we are ... read more

32 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

Another Q & A, people! What is one thing that can make your stomach drop? “Bungee jumping. I can't stand it!” “Dude, have you heard about life as a roller coaster ride? I'm not sure if you still want ... read more

The Hardest Rock Climb In The World

What is your goal as a rock climber? “Climb the highest rock formation!” “Well, my dream as a rock climber is to be with one of the best rock climbers in the world. It would be a great experience!” “G ... read more

25 Crazy Rock Climbing Photographs That Will Make Your Palms Sweat

The sweaty palms, the elvis leg, the utter terror in your gut of the possible fall below. These are the feelings that most climbers will experience at least once in their life when they are on a sket ... read more

ClimbAX Wristbands Monitor And Assess Your Climbing Skills

If climbing is your passion, and you are curious where your skills are at this is now a device that will monitor it. For some, climbing is just a hobby, but there are people out there who are so passi ... read more

Dan Osman - Craziest Rock Climber In The World! (No ropes!)

There are some who are just so passionate about the sport that they choose it as a lifestyle, and they are willing to risking their life to show the world their dedication to it. Meet Dan Osman, he w ... read more

Extreme Free Climber's Death-Defying Ascents

Extremeness comes in many forms: diving into undiscovered depths of large and deep scales of the different bodies of water, surviving various extreme environments such as deep excavated caves, forests ... read more

Crazy Rock Climbing - No Feet

I remember reading a lot of cowboy comics when I was young. They were all pretty generic stories about our outlaw hero wandering into a rough-cut Western town, thwarting the plots of more villainous c ... read more

5 Must-See Rock Climbing Destinations in North America

For rock climbers who are planning to hone their craft in the USA but are still undecided on which part in the US to go, I think I can help you. *winks* According to Bobby Poland, an author in 'You Mu ... read more

A Truely Terrifying Moment on Notorious Route

Whether you are a serious rock climber or just have a vague interest in the sport, you won't be able to pass the chance to watch the incredible, and to watch what fears and dreams of made of, as in th ... read more

CLIMBERS ARE AWESOME !!!!! 10 Years Compilation of Crazy Awesome Climbing

I don't care if you like rock climbing or not, this video should be watched by everyone, just for the pure reason to appreciate what these athletes can really do. Climbing not only requires a physical ... read more

10 Best Rock Climbers That Shook The World

Are you an aspiring rock climber like me? “Yes!” High five, bro! I have always wanted to climb the highest mountain and the most beautiful rock formation, but alas! The only thing I can climb is into ... read more

Must SEE to Believe! Climbing China's Incredible Cliffs

For years, China has been an ancient land that attracts many foreign visitors not only from Asia but across the world. Being the third largest country on the planet, the vast land offers a wide variet ... read more

How to Climb WAY Harder!

Are you a rock climber? Are you all about the extreme climbs or are you a beginner, hungry to get better and be able to take on harder climbs? Rock climbing tests a climber's agility, strength, end ... read more

12 Places to Go Rock Climbing Before You Die

If you are a keen rock climber, then you must not miss these must-visit places to go rock climbing before your time is up in this world. I don't think there will be rock climbing spots in heaven. *win ... read more

Top 10 Most Insanely Difficult Climbs in the World of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing ranks right up there as an extremely popular sport. Man seems to be able to scale some pretty magnificent rock walls. This popular sport has captured the spirit of young and old alike ... read more

Top 10 Rock Climbing Destinations

Are you into rock climbing? “Yes! It's my favourite activity! Aside that it is fun, it also tones your muscles!” That's right, my friend! Rock climbing is one of the best activities to work those mus ... read more

The Top 10 Female Climbers

If this doesn't make you want to rock climb... nothing will! Darn this sport is looking good. Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or ... read more

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