How to Use a Ladder in Rock Climbing Photography

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With the accessibility of the internet, there are an abundance of information that we take in, from photos, to articles, and videos we're constantly looking at something.

Most of the time, we consume the things we see without paying too much attention to the details of how they were made. When was the last time you saw a great photograph and wondered how the photographer captured that particular moment? Most of the time, with high end and high quality photos, there is a good amount of equipment lingering behind the scenes. If the image is crisp and detailed, the chances are it wasn't taken with a good old iphone. Although, phones are doing a great job these days at capturing our daily life moments, there's still a limit to what they can do.

If you want a truly great photograph, then one of the most important components of the process will be the gear you use. The camera, and lens are first on the list, then proper lighting devices, timers if you need them, and whatever other props that are necessary. Have you ever seen pictures of rock climbers scaling massive cliffs, and wondered how those pictures were taken? In this article on the "Petal Pixel" website, it talks about how to use a ladder in rock climb photography. They essentially take a ladder to prop yourself away from the cliffs face so that you can get a better shot of the person climbing above you.

There's a video shot by a guy who was there to capture the entire behind the scenes process, so you can get a better understanding of exactly how you can replicate this neat trick. Whether or not you're adventurous enough to try it out for for yourself, it's a cool idea. And if you ever see a cool rock climbing picture online, you'll know how they captured the shot!

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