How to Build a Smokehouse from a Pile of Old Pallets for Less than $100

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Are you an avid homesteader looking for your next big project ? Do you have animals with a lot of extra meat to process? Maybe you are neither, but this project might still be something your're interested in making. It's a homemade Pallet Smoker, so you can smoke your meat and fish at home without needing to buy it at the stores. I remember my best friends grandpa from Italy used to have sausages hanging in a smoker he made himself. These guys over at the 'Pioneer Settler' tried to find adequate plans online but decided to make their own version to make it cost less, be small in size, and be practical for most people to make. When you checkout these plans, you'll realize that they were successful. They made a great starter smoker that can be made at a super low price since they use pallets to make the structure. These things can be found in the back of big box retail stores, or any shipping and receiving yard, in fact you might want to call around to ask if you can take them off their hands.

This structure is essentially a standing rectangular box, lined with foil, with some air holes spread throughout. You disassemble the pallets and assemble them back into the appropriate size, then add some racks to hold the food stuffs that you put inside. The instructions on the 'Pioneer Settler' website are well done and they walk you through each step with photos, and a 3 part video so you will be guided the entire way. So if you have ever wanted to make your very own smoker, go ahead and checkout this article at the 'Pioneer Settler' website, it costs very little and doesn't take too much time, it also takes a minimal amount of space so it's a great choice for beginners and seasoned handy people alike.

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