How I built my Krustyledge for under $100, you can too!

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What is a Krustyledge? It's another term for a portaledge, which looks like a hanging tent used by rock climbers who spend many days and nights on a big wall climb. It's usually made of a durable fabric that has a metal frame hanging from a single-point that also comes with adjustable suspension straps. All of its features are for the purpose of holding the person inside it securely while trying to accomplish the climb.

Before we continue with these helpful tips on how you could build your own Krustyledge for less than $100, just be warned that rock climbing is a dangerous activity and it's better that you are aware of the consequences should the portaledge fail to do its job to keep you safe. Always observe safety precautions before engaging in this sport.

This project would require you to have some basic skills in purchasing and cutting a PVC pipe. Ironing and sewing fabric that you will need are also something that you should be familiar with. Researching where you can find the materials needed is another thing that you must learn on your own. Of course, there are plenty of helpful videos on the Internet that will help you with these tasks. And finally, you will be using tools like a chop saw and a soldering iron. These tools you must be very careful with so as not to injur yourself.

Once this is all said and done

For more details on how you could build a Krustyedge, visit the website 'RockClimbing' below.

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