Here's How to Create Magic

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Everyone loves a good magic trick, and nothing can shock and awe family and friends more than a grand illusion. The best type of magic trick is an illusion that you can use over and over again and still works each time on every new person you show it to, and they still can't figure out how you pulled it off until you tell them. In order to trick different people's minds into seeing something that doesn't exist, all that you have to do is create the right angle from which to see this wooden illusion, called a Penrose triangle. Soon they will be scratching their heads and trying to puzzle out how an impossible wooden triangle can exist like that.

To begin with, you only need simple tools and materials you can find around the house to build the Penrose triangle, which makes this project a convenient and affordable way to pull of an optical illusion magic trick. You basically just have to get three pieces of wood and screw them together in a way that makes it convincing to an onlooker that it is a solid triangle. The real secret behind this illusion is the fact that the two pairs of screws on either end of the wooden plank make it seem like the top and bottom plank are connected, when in reality they are not even close to being attached, because, of course, that would be impossible. The audience sees it at the correct angle and voila, you can impress them by making an impossible triangle become real in from to their very eyes.

This incredible trick is not the only one that involves wooden optical illusions, there are also impossible stairs, and other impossible shapes.

Please click the link below taking you to 'The Instructables' website for step-by-step instructions on how to build a Penrose triangle and more.

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