Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode Leaks: Five Reasons To Watch The Episodes Even If You Saw The Leaks

I read the Game of Thrones books on my recent trip to Santorini. I like to run, but I hurt my foot the day before I was to leave and it hurt to move it. I reluctantly knew I was going to be spending this vacation reading books on a beach. Thankfully, while at the airport I came across the book set and dove right in. It was an acceptable substitution from wandering the picturesque streets of the island to being transported to the battles and castles described in the books. I was hooked and spent hours and hours reading the chapters and eventually I finished the books.

Once home, I was excited when I stumbled across the television series from HBO. Now, everyone usually says that a movie is never as good as a book, but I heard that HBO invest a staggering 5 millions dollars an episode and I felt they did a tremendous job depicting the details and characters that wove their stories in my imagination. Reading the books could be painfully slow at times, with either too much detail or lengthy narratives that became tiring to follow. I quickly watched all the shows and waited for the release of season 5. Imagine my glee when it became apparent that the first few episodes were leaked online. I tried to find them but the annoying pop-up ads and virus alerts were worrisome. Besides, I liked my Sunday evening routine and eagerly awaited the high definition to fully encompass and transport me to Westeros, even if for only an hour at a time.

I think the quality and monetary investment from HBO into this series is indicative of the many awards it has won and will win. I like to support quality work and I will continue to patiently wait for each Sunday evening to watch my new favorite show. If you agree with me, or even if you don`t, click the below link via iDigital Times to see many more reasons to wait for the HBO airings of Game of Thrones Season 5.

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