DIY: Paper Roll Desk Organizer

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It's been more often than not a dilemma of how to dispose used items that are no longer necessary inside your office or home. Trying to get rid of clutter is time consuming. Old newspapers, used cardboards, bond papers and wrappers are just but a few of the things that you always are needing to dispose of and you may be the type of person that wishes they could find a good use for some of these things.

Recycling for some people is a lifestyle that they have embraced, for others recycling and reusing rather than throwing away all the items has become more of a hobby. No matter what it may be to you, it's definitely interesting to figure out creative ways to de-clutter your home and workspace. Recycling can be applied to almost anything. Cans, metals, paper, wood and cloth with a project in mind and an artistic touch you will be creating those masterpiece items in no time!

Let's take a card board tube. It can be from your roll of tissue or something from the kitchen such as the roll from the aluminum foil perhaps. When the tissue paper is all used up and your foil is all wrapped all over your food for the picnic, what else is left? The tube, and where do you put it? To the recycle trash bin, yes it that not where rightfully now belongs? For sure it is, but if you are one of the people that sees something useful out of ordinary throw away things, you will also see that you can recycle some of these cardboard tubes as well.

All you need to make these are: glue, paint brushes, poster paints, and a creative imagination. You can then turn these tubes into desk organizers that can hold pens, rulers and pencils. If you put a base on both sides of the tube, you can also make a piggy bank and put all your change in it. The limit to what you can make out of the tubes is all on you. You decide. You make. Have fun.

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