DIY Big Peg Board Shelving System

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Want to learn some new woodworking techniques and need simple DIY wood projects to start with? Organizing your home and need a handy shelving strategy that's easy to put together? Then, this DIY big peg board shelving system is for you. It's quick and easy to make, and you can turn any boring wall into a whole new point of interest with it. Better yet, the pegs allow you to reorganize these shelves to your heart's content. If your life changes, you can easily rearrange them into something that works better for you. This do-it-yourself woodworking project also includes handy woodworking tips and tricks to help you put your best work forward.

If you are just learning how to work with wood, this is a wonderful beginner's project that will help you get started as well as start building your confidence. Woodworking can be a very rewarding hobby, and, if you find you are very good at it, you might end up considering it as a full-time job. There's nothing more gratifying than building your own shelves, chairs, stools, coffee tables, benches, dressers, and desks. Once you master these simpler projects, you could even try building larger structures like wall units, cupboards, playhouses, and even tiny houses. For those interested in learning how to make DIY woodworking items for the home, garden, and garage, beginning has never been easier. Not too long ago in North America, woodworking instruction was only open to boys in shop class, and girls were not allowed to take part. These days, there are so many comprehensive websites, videos, and how-to blogs published on the internet that woodworking is becoming more accessible to everyone regardless of age or gender or income.

The first thing you'll want to do before making these DIY shelves is to pay a visit to your local hardware store, to stock up on all of the woodworking materials you will need. If you have to start your supplies from scratch, this shelving project will cost approximately $60US, but if you already have some of the equipment, like glue, screws, and wood finish, you could possibly build it for half of that, or less. Either way, it's not in the least bit expensive and it's sure to pay itself off in a month or two because it will make your life more organized and efficient. Some of the tools you will need to build your peg shelving unit are a table saw or a circular saw, a drill and a drill guide if possible, a stud finder, a sander, a paint roller, a straight edge, a tape measure, and a pneumatic nailer could come in very handy too. If you don't own a pneumatic nailer, of course the traditional hammer and nails will do just as well, although the woodworking project might take slightly longer.

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