DIY Beach Bag Towel Blanket

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Here is a great Do it yourself project that will get you ready for some beach time! You can easily make a carry bag that unwraps into beach towel blanket with a pillow!

This project could be sewed in the winter months in anticipation of summer and given as a Christmas gift and if you want to be ready for beach time as soon as the hot weather hits. This super cool holiday and beach accessory is so simple to make, that you can also wait until those hot sunny days and make it a fun summer sewing project. This DIY tutorial will show how to make this practical bag with pockets that you can tuck your personal things into. This beach bag is made by sewing a beach towel together with some additional fabrics.


This project is a simple and easy activity especially for beginners in sewing. Old or new towels and a pillow are needed. Take one towel and place it near the pillow. Cut the towel with the same width as the pillow, but with a small allowance which can be cropped later if necessary.


Wrap around the pillow the second towel. Along the bottom of the cushion, leave a small allowance from the towels. The trimmings can be used for the bag handles. Remove the pillow and sew the first side seam, then sew the second towel to the bottom of the cushion.

For the edging, six pieces of fabric, all sewed together. Lengthwise, fold the strips in half, cut straight down the middle and should get two edge. Fold them in half and iron, then fold the edges in additional 1 cm and iron. Sew on each side of our edges.

Now to specify the location for sewing pockets and bag handles, wrap all in a roll and mark them with pins. Take the cuttings from the towel, which are already trimmed to make the pillowcase. Size of the handles can be made by choice. These examples are 78 cm long and 15 cm wide. Sew the handles, pockets, buttons and loops to finish the DIY beach towel blanket.

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