Cantabaco: A Rock Climber's Mecca in Cebu

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Are you a risk taker and want to join a sport where you can literally risk your life to reach new goals? Do you want to participate in a sport where you get to challenge yourself and your limit? Then, rock climbing is for you. Rock climbing is an extreme sport similar to skydiving, base jumping or snowboarding wherein the danger adds to the excitement. One must commit oneself to the task faced in order to achieve goals.

When you really break it down, rock climbing is a straightforward sport. Although there are several levels of climbing with varying degrees of danger (most times ropes are used, but not always)...the point of the sport is to reach the top of the cliff without losing your balance and grip, if you lose your balance you will fall along the way. For some the falling is no big deal (with ropes) and for others, a fall could be fatal.

In Philippines, rock climbing is not a famous sport. However, they have one of the best places to scramble up cliffs and it is located in Cantabaco, Cebu. It is an old-fashioned countryside town in the city of Toledo. Once you get there you will notice its best, whitest, cleanest, untouched limestone cliffs in Cebu. The cliff is already wonderfully locked up for this sport. If you are looking for whole new different level of rock climbing experience, Cantabaco is definitely the perfect spot for you.

If you are from another country and are looking for information regarding rock climbing in the Philippines, it might disappoint you and there is no route guidebooks, comprehensive accounts and even how-tos information. You might need to ask a real person who has been climbing in Cebu.

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