Can You Make It Through This Post Without Squealing?

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Baby animals are just so adorable that it will be hard not to squeal once you see them looking all cute and cuddly. They are the ultimate stress-reliever in our opinion. If you came home from an awful and rough day and you see your little pet snuggled up in a blanket or hugging their favorite toy, that will certainly make you go and say "aww." It's the same reaction you will have when we tell you about these cute pets and what they are doing when they know that no one is looking at them.

1. Meerkats- they are irresistibly cute when you see how they protect each other as a family. You will not be able to control yourself and you will certainly feel some warmth in your heart once you see these little animals.

2. Rabbits- they alone could make your day just when you see their gentle and cute little faces. But once you see them with their mom, you will notice that they could even be more meek.

3. A Kitten and A Bear- animals who are unlikely to be friends don't just look cute but they are most certainly intriguing. Like how adorable and interesting it would be to see a cat and a bear being so close to each other! If this image won't melt your heart, then we don't know what else will.

4. Penguin- a penguin being surrounded by stuffed penguins is just so worth squealing for. You don't need to turn on the TV to watch Animal Planet once you see how cute this little guy is.

Who needs cable TV when you have cute and adorable pets at home? Still want to see other animals that will totally make your day? Go ahead and visit the site Buzz Feed below.

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