Book Purists Will Hate Season 5 Of 'Game Of Thrones'

I love to run. I run everyday I can and do it for miles. I like to listen to audio books while I do so, and it is a great way to calm the mind and keep the body physically fit. Needless to say, I was such an avid runner that I hurt my foot the day before I was to leave to Santorini. It hurt to move. Every step. Here I am about to go on a wonderful vacation and I felt crippling pain every time I moved. Something had to happen. I was waiting for my flight and came across the Game of Thrones books and decided right then and there, if I couldn`t wander the streets of a beautiful island, then I better catch up on a great series and enjoy my beach time of forced rest and relaxation.

Now, for anyone that has read these books, this is not an easy task. From painfully slow character development to cliffhangers and various major narratives, the books required a lot of attention to follow and were a welcome distraction from my discomfort. I was addicted and relished in reading them. I found myself transported to the same castles and battle descriptions in the tales. I was hooked. I barely remember my vacation as I spent most of the days secluded on the beach with my foot raised, devouring chapter after chapter which turned into book after book.

Once I was back at home, however, my addiction turned to the tv series Game of Thrones on HBO. It was mesmerizing and stayed fairly true to the course of the books that I read. I was hooked! I could not wait for the April 2015 release of season 5 as finally the series would be caught up to where I left off. After watching the first few episodes it became clear that the HBO series has `re-wrote` my beloved fables. I am not sure which I like more and now I am in the dark as I once thought I knew the story, and now I am watching another - equally riveting - tale. I recommend you read the following link to see what Forbes is saying about the book fanatics versus the television fans, and the unknown stories to come.

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