Bobble Crochet Beard Beanies (Free Patterns)

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Beanies and hats are perfect for winter. But what's going to be cooler is if you can turn them into a fun looking beanie for the kids to wear. Get out of the conventional looking hat and create something that people will talk about because they are really cute to look at. These kinds of hats will definitely look interesting and far from ordinary. Why? Because this time, it's going to make anyone who wears them really comfortable because of the warmth it is going to give their heads and also their face will be kept warm as well. How? Because you will add a beard with it.

Okay, you probably think we're saying you will add a real beard made of hair. That is not exactly what we meant so you can breathe now. You can add some fun to your hat and make it more interesting by putting a crochet beard extended on it. For kids, it would certainly look funny when they wear it. Although kids can really get away with anything, so it will be adults that may draw the double takes. You don't need to be an expert in crocheting to pull this off. It is actually very easy to make as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Go to your nearest craft store and find some yarn. For this project, you will only need two colors. You can choose your favorite color that would go for the hat or the beanie and the other color will serve as your beard. Buy a crochet hook and a special needle made for it. It is also a must that you have a pattern that you would use as your guide towards its creation, especially if this is your first time. To know more about the step-by-step process of this project, visit the 'Ashlee Marie' website below. Have fun!

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