30 amazing Star Wars illustrations

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Star Wars has always had a major fan base since the time it started. What makes it such a legend is that the fan base continues to remain intact over the years that have come after. Its amazing to see people feeling so connected to a story line and the characters of a movie that they take pieces of wisdom and inspiration from the films and add them to their lives. The impact of movies like this is exponential when you see how many people are still watching them and now their own kids are even getting interested in them!

This article features fan's Star Wars art that will leave you in awe as you scroll down the page, you will relive some of the moments of the Star Wars movies as you see each of these amazing pieces of art work. I have to say the Yoda ones are my absolute favourite ones personally, he would have to be my favourite character. So sweet and wise. The artists do a really awesome job of capturing the essence of each character and the role they played in the film and the paintings emanate their energy perfectly.

It must be such a thrill to be the writers of these movies and the people who are cast in them and who work on set. They have not just created a one hit wonder, they have created a movie series with a huge following that they have seen grow in size every single decade pretty much. These movies are a representation of our culture and also where we are as a humanity and so it is pretty cool to see such tribute to that. Who is your favourite charter from Star Wars? Which one is your favourite piece of work? Head on over to 'From Up North' by following the link in the description below and enjoy looking at the art!

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