25 Genius Pallet Projects To Make For The Homestead

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Pallet projects are all the rage right now, check out these 25 Genius Pallet Projects To Make For The Homestead. These wooden pallet projects are such a great way to up cycle and recycle materials, as well as save you some cash. Pallets are available everywhere, and after they are finished being used to help ship merchandise from one place to another, they are sometimes reused for shipping, but other times they may just go to the landfill or to be used as fire wood. What a great use for pallets, to use them to make some fun diy pallet furniture and give them a second life. The price of new wood can be quite expensive, but when you use the wood from used pallets, you can have some nice wood that is able to be used to make a bunch of different wooden pallet projects for a fraction of the price or even sometimes for free. So how do we go about obtaining these wooden pallets? Well, wherever you see one, just ask the business if you can have a couple. For example, a grocery store uses pallets for their shipments, so as your local grocery store if you can have some, or purchase some from them. You can also check out big box stores like Walmart or Target or the like for wooden pallets. Also, check online, craigslist sometimes will have listings in your area for wooden pallets that you can purchase or take away for free. So with a little bit of sourcing, you will find yourself some pallets in no time.

These 25 Genius Pallet Projects To Make are all so great and offer us plenty of inspiration on different useful items that we would all love to have around our homes. You can build things that are rather small with the wooden pallets, or you can build larger projects that you will need more pallets for. You are also probably wondering how to get all of those pesky nails out of the pallets too. You need a pry bar, and a hammer to pull the nails out as well as some good old fashioned patience. The pallet boards may crack or even break, but this is why you have to go slow and make sure that you are pulling them up gently instead of just ripping them apart from the pallet structure. It does take some time to pull them off, but you will appreciate all of your hard work in the end. Some of the wooden pallet projects don't even require any disassembly either so if you don't want to have to pull them apart, try out some of the whole pallet projects first. For example, there is a great tutorial for diy pallet furniture on the Homestead & Survival website that uses a full pallet to make a patio table. They attach wood for the legs of the table and paint it a fun colour and it looks wonderful and fresh. Or there is also a tutorial for a pallet made day bed where you just place a mattress on pallets to make a nice cozy bed that can act as a sofa during the day time.

You can even build your kids their very own playhouse out of pallet wood as well. Or perhaps a desk for your office space at home. There is even a tutorial to teach you how to build your very own pallet vertical garden that you can grow herbs and vegetables in for your meals. This one would be great for a patio or a balcony when you don't have enough room or the yard for a garden in the ground. There are so many different things we can do with recycled materials if we just use our imaginations and some creativity. Which pallet project will you try out first?*

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