18 DIY Pergola Plans And Ideas For Your Homestead

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Here are 18 DIY Pergola Plans And Ideas For Your Homestead from Homestead and Survival that will make building your own pergola easier. There are so many great positive life tips out there on the internet. There are an abundance of tips and tricks and DIY tutorials like these ones that make our lives easier and less of a hassle. If you are considering building a pergola in your back yard, then this would be a great source of information in deciding what you want your pergola to look like and how you will build it. Sure, there are magazines and books that you could get on how to build pergolas, you could even purchase a prefabricated pergola from a log cabin building company. But there is something about creating your own structure from scratch that gives you such a great sense of satisfaction and pride. Its also a great learning experience to enjoy and a fun process especially if you love building things.

A pergola is mainly used in the back yard of a home, but you can see them in the front yard as well. They are a great addition to have if you want an area that is shaded, or you want to create a nice looking feature in your yard. The word pergola comes from the latin word pergula, which means a projecting eave. The eave is the part of a building that protrudes from the roof, deflecting rain or snow away from the house to keep it dry. The pergola was a popular item to use for crawling flowers, plants and vines in the 18th and 19th centuries, and they were also made out of brick or stone. These days, we see them mostly being built out of wood, but they can also be built out of metal, aluminium, or fibreglass materials. Pergolas look beautiful covered in a thick cover of plant life, and some restaurants have this as a feature on their eat in patios, or in gardens as a lovely shady spot to stop and enjoy relaxing.

These pergola ideas from Homestead and Survival give us some positive life tips to make our lives easier when building a pergola, and also give you some inspiration for how a pergola could be used. They picture a pergola being used over an outdoor hot tub, which is a great idea for when its raining or snowing and you still want to enjoy sitting in your hot tub. They also show images of a pergola built on a preexisting deck or patio showing that it can be a great addition to add some privacy and some shade to your backyard area. You can even mix and match materials as they show in the photo of the wooden pergola with aluminum posts. Pergolas can also make wonderful privacy screens if you share a backyard with someone else if you live in a condo or a townhouse and there are no fences between you. You can also create a luxurious looking setting with a pergola that has been draped with outdoor compliant fabric. Dress the inside up with some nice seating adorned with pillows and rugs, and you have yourself a sweet back yard oasis. You can also simply build your pergola out of tree branches, it would end up costing next to nothing if they come from your own yard. The pergola can also make a great feature on a garage door, adding a lovely detail to your home. There are so many wonderful options when it comes to building and creating your own pergolas, and this article from the awesome folks over at Homestead and Survival will give you some great inspiration to start building your own pergola.*

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