10 Original Ideas for Reusing a Stack of 2x4s

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I have a stack of 2x4's sitting underneath the stairs in my basement. I keep thinking that one day I will use them. Perhaps now that I have discovered another 10 things you can build with 2x4s, that pile will disappear! I found or rather; I gained my pile of 2x4's while renovating my basement. They came from a wall that I removed. (Don't worry it wasn't a support wall. And yes, I am absolutely sure!) I hate to throw out perfectly good wood and have been waiting for just the right inspiration. I think I may have found it! Found on 'Shabby Creek Cottage', there are some pretty amazing and impressive projects for both my home and my yard! The finished projects are clean, classy and fun!

2x4's are cheap, sturdy and dependable and easy to find as you can buy them at any hardware store. Building with 2x4's guarantees you furniture and finished products that are sure to last a lifetime! I bookmarked the article because they have so many great ideas! I am sure I can use one or two of these ideas and quickly use up that pile of 2x4's! Maybe I'll try building the outdoor sofa. With it's clean lines and some funky pillows in an outdoor fabric, it is the perfect place to read a book or simply rest on a warm sunny day! My front door area is so cluttered with boots and shoes, it is begging for a solution. I bet the entryway storage units would tidy it up in a hurry!

Gina Luker of 'Shabby Creek Cottage' is a writer, photographer and a self-proclaimed, "lover of all things quirky". Her blog is full of many wonderful ideas and articles. From Do It Yourself to decorating and recipes, you will find lots of fun, interesting projects and ideas. I loved all of the 10 projects. Oh my where do I start? Maybe that pile of 2x4's isn't big enough after all! To view 10 things you can build with 2x4's visit 'Shabby Creek Cottage' or follow the link below!

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